Differentiating Good and Bad Nicotine – A bad nicotine can give you harsh peppery taste out of nowhere while you vape your favorite flavor!
November 22, 2016

Choosing between high VG Vs PG concentration e-juices – higher VG levels can get you used to vaping if you are a new vapor!

VG or Vegetable glycol is a common ingredient in all e-juice flavors. Most vapers get confused in choosing the right amount of VG / PG ratio for their e-juice. Propylene Glycol or PG is yet another important pharmaceutical ingredient commonly found in all e-liquids. The question is how to get the best VG vs PG ratio for your e-liquid. Back in time when vaping wasn’t that much popular, there wasn’t any concept of high VG e-liquids. Those were the days when vapors went after high PG ratios and the combination of PG Vs VG used to be highly tilted towards PG (80%) to VG (20%). However, in the past few years, vaping community has been shifting its preference in favor of high VG ratios and the e-juice manufacturers seem to follow the trend by making high VG e-juices.

 Well more than anything else, the VG concentration in your e-juice is linked with your personal preference and right throat hit. As recommended ratio from pro vapers suggest 70:30 ratio for VG Vs PG respectively. Going above the threshold level can have its implications. Here we are going to discuss some basic considerations to choose the right V concentration in your e-juice flavors.


  • How long have you been vaping? 


Well, as we have already mentioned that PG Vs VG concentration is strictly a personal preference, however, if you are a new vaper than a higher PG concentration in your e-juice will ease out the job for you. High concentration PG e-juices tend to be lot thinner and subsequently easier to inhale – increasing the efficiency for a new vaper. Moreover, high PG e-juices tends to have a punch throat hit which is ideal for liking of most new vapers.

Over the course of time, you can change your ratio towards high VG, is you feel like doing so. So, basically if you are a new vaper than a lower VG concentration will help you out in getting use to vaping punch and you can always shift your concentration levels once you feel yourself ready for a high concentration levels.


  • Are you chasing clouds? 


Well, this can be an important factor when it comes to going for the right VG concentration e-juice. E-liquids with high VG concentrations are known to produce thick and full vapor clouds as compared to anemic or low density clouds produced by high PG e-juices.

 So, if you are a cloud chaser and love surrounding yourself in thick dense vapor clouds than certainly high VG concentration e-juices will help you out.  If you are a new vaper and a cloud chaser, then a 50: 50 PG: VG ratio can do the trick for you. As said earlier, once you have a little experience, you can always switch to higher VG concentrations.


  • Getting the right throat hit 


Well, when its about getting the right / stronger throat hit than PG is your choice. Higher PG concentration levels produce a punchy and stronger throat hit than higher VG concentration e-liquids. This is especially important for smokers cum vapers. Smokers need to feel that strong throat hit which they are used to while tobacco smoking. So, if you are in a transition period from tobacco smoking to vaping, higher PG concentration will do the trick for you.

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