Pop Corn Lungs and Diacetyl – Do vaping really leads to respiratory illness or is it just an exaggerated half-truth?
November 22, 2016

E-cig vape juices are completely safe to consume – Studies have proved the safety of vaping e-juices in comparison with tobacco smoking


E-cig vape juice has been proved to be a healthy alternative of smoking and various studies have been carried out showing that the firsthand and secondhand e-juice vapor poses much less threat to humans as compared to smoking. Every year thousands of smokers switch to vaping as a way to help quit smoking. Though the number or vapors have been increasing over the years, there have been some prevailing misconceptions regarding hazardous effects of e-juice vaping.

Most if these myths are associated with the risk of over vaping and the mutations related to continuous e-liquid vaping. However, numerous studies have proved that vaping isn’t associated with any particular disease for humans. In fact, studies have proved that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking. Below we will be looking at some studies that prove the efficacy of vaping against tobacco smoking.

Here’re results from studies establishing safety of e-liquid vaping for human health.


Vaping has no hazardous effects for human hearts

Heart diseases associated with smoking comes from the over stressing of already stressed heart (human heart pump blood throughout body which already makes it a lot stressed). In an study conducted to monitor the smoke and vape prone stress for heart it was found that e-liquid vape produce no added stress over heart, whereas, smoking does indeed produce additional stress for heart. This study gives a good case for vaping, especially for people who are at high heart disease risk or for people who are suffering from any form of heart relate diseases.


9Secondhand vaping isn’t harmful for vaper or bystanders

Various studies have established the hazardous toxicology related to secondhand smoke. Long exposures to secondhand tobacco smoke can lead to various lungs related diseases (the hazards for bystanders are nearly the same as firsthand smoker). Contrarily, secondhand e-liquid vape juice has proved to be completely safe with no related ill effects. It’s because secondhand vape is simply vapors which are absolutely free of harmful chemicals or any pharmaceuticals (the amount of such chemicals and pharmaceuticals are found to be too small to be associated with any risk to bystanders).


There is no cell mutations related with vaping

Various studies have shown the mutation of cells caused by smoking can result in development of cancer cells throughout body. Lungs, mouth and larynx are most prone to undergo cell mutations resulting in cancer cells development due to smoking.

However, according to the report published by British American Tobacco, it was established that e-juice vaping isn’t related with any cell mutations. The study conducted by British American Tobacco used Ames test to show witness the cell mutations related with vaping e-liquid. Ames is one of the most common and standard approach to study cell mutations and the fact that the study was conducted by a tobacco company itself proved our point that vaping in no way can be associated with cell mutations in humans.


  • E-Juices are complete safe to vape


Lot has been said about the quality and standard of e-juices used in vaping. FDA has approved all e-juice liquids as safe to consume. The only concerned that FDA has found in numerous e-liquid vaping was related to creamy or buttery flavors. The presence of diacetyl has been a cause of concern for FDA authorities who found that excessive exposure to diacetyl can lead to a rare lung disease (popcorn lungs). However, up till now there haven’t been any incident reported by vaper for this disease and there hasn’t been any study that proved precise amount of diacetyl that can lead to this disease.

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