Though vaping have been gaining grounds at tremendous pace, there have been lot of fuss regarding different health-related concerns associated with e-juice vaping. One such concern is the effect of e-juice vapors on eyes.

Well, there have been a lot of researchers to study the effects of e-liquid vapors over human health. Though the researchers are still in their early stages, those already published reports present a mix a match situation for e-juice vaping industry.

Firstly, let us be clear that vaping e-juice (no matter what brand or flavor) is almost 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Now having said that, you still need to know what exactly are you inhaling with your e-cig vape juice? This is important because some health risks have been reported by scientists and researchers.

One such concern is the eye risks associated with exhaled vapors from e-juice vaping. According to Nigel Best, who serves as optometrist and is also associated with an international eyewear company, e-juice exhaled vapors can result in some sort of eyes irritation which might be related to dry eye.

Apart from dry eyes, Uveitis is another eye health risk that has traditionally been associated with smoking. Under this condition, there’s a inflammation over the middle layer of eyes which is also known as the uvea. Contrary to Dry Eyes where loss of vision is not a threat, Uveitis is actually a threatening risk that can result in complete loss of vision. Studies conducted over effects of tobacco smoking have shown that tobacco smokers are two fold more prone to develop this lethal eye health risk than non-smokers.

However, there have been no specific research that have establish the negative effects of vaping towards eyes. Though some health related risks have been associated with e-juice vaping, but most of those risks are owed to cheap and unhygienic e-liquid vape juices. Therefore, the vaping community strongly advises its members to go for original and genuine e-juice flavors from reputable brands.

Some food agents that might attract your attention is Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycol (VG). Though use of PG and VG raised some eyebrows at early stages, now these are considered as completely safe to use ingredients and you can even choose different PG / VG ratios that suits our throat.

Another recent study that was conducted by three independent research organizations concluded that there is no hazardous material was found in association with exhaled e-juice vapors. The research was conducted to study the effects of e-juice vaping over indoor air quality. As per the conclusions drawn in research, there were no harmful particle concentrates found in air, even in a non-ventilated controlled environment. It was also found the e-juice vapors from e-cigarettes tends to evaporate in air within seconds, leaving no chemical concentration in air.

Now, since there are no chemicals of particle concentrates associated with the exhaled vapors of e-juice, we can safely say that it will also be quite safe for eyes. Nonetheless, as we have already stated that a thorough study needs to be conducted before we can firmly establish the safety of exhaled e-juice vapors for human eyes.

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