There have been concerns regarding the effect of indoor e-juice vaping over air quality. Now there’s a new study has emerged revealing the facts about indoor e-juice vaping and its effects on air quality. According to the study, the e-cig vapors exhaled dissipates completely within no time – without actually effecting the indoor air quality. This study finally has put to rest all critics voicing their concerns about e-juice vaping hazardous effects on indoor air quality.

The study was presented in Barcelona, Spain at annual Workplace and Indoor Aerosol Conference. To ensure the independence and reliability of the study, the team comprised of independent research organizations. During the course of the study, the researchers made vapers use commercially available e-juice vapes under a controlled environment. This was to study to study the particle concentration in surrounding due to exhaled e-juice vapors. Shockingly in all environments, in fact in a non-ventilated environment the exhaled vapors from e-liquids dissipate in no time and the background air quality levels remains stable.

According to the study, it was concluded that the e-juice vapors exhaled from vaping comprised of liquid droplets that are prone to evaporate upon exhalation in no time. The study is seen as a serious win for all vaping community and e-juice manufacturers who have been claiming innocence all time long.

What this really mean is that the vaping community can now expect some lift on indoor vaping bans that have been hitting them hard. Though the large tobacco companies like Philip Morris and British American Tobacco have shown their interest towards e-cigarette and e-juice vaping, still these large corporations have lobbied heavily to turn on lawmakers against vaping (especially in public areas and indoors). There also have been substantial limitations over the e-juice manufacturers regarding their bottle sizes and ingredients. Now that the study has established safe to consume use of e-juice vaping at indoor places, we can expect some normalization and ease of laws for vaping.


According to re-searcher who was part of the study, there were no particulate matter concentration found in association with exhaled e-cig e-juice vapors.

Compared to tobacco smoking, e-cig vape juices have been proven to be 95% safer in terms of health hazards. Almost all e-juice flavors have been passed on the green light from FDA and there’re no chemicals or pharmaceuticals associated with e-juices. All of these leads to the fact that e-juice vaping is one of the safest alternative of tobacco smoking – and probably a better one. The recent study over the effects of vaping over indoor air quality also establish the fact that there is no secondhand smoke hazard related to e-juice vaping.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of smokers quit their tobacco smoking in favor of e-juice vape. This is primarily due to the fact that more and more people are realizing the potential benefits of converting to vape from tobacco smoking. The recent study will only help in convincing more tobacco smokers to quit smoking for a deliciously intoxicating yet completely safe e-juice vaping.

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