Majority of people are unable to differentiate between qualities of nicotine. For most people, even for most smokers or vapers out there nicotine is simply nicotine and there isn’t any red line between good or bad nicotine.

Now many vapers are awaking to the fact that liquid nicotine quality does actually matter and that the poor quality liquid nicotine or simple mishandling of nicotine can lead to a hazardous e-cig vape juice experience.


What really is Nicotine?

First thing to remember here is that when we say nicotine, we are not referring to tobacco. People often confuse nicotine for tobacco, which actually is a totally wrong perception. Though there is some amount of nicotine that comes from tobacco plant, the nicotine which we are talking about is a natural pesticide that is used extensively as a pesticide.

Ok we do admit that nicotine is a real powerful addictive, but wat remains our prime quest is to know is the addictive power of nicotine is substantially high to negate all the health hazards associated with its inhaling?

Nicotine actually isn’t just a stimulant, rather it possess powerful relaxant ingredients that make it an ideal substance for pharmaceutical industry. If we for a moment neglect the negativity associate with e-juice nicotine, we can see that there are actually much positives about nicotine as a substance. It has been taken as a effective drug to improve focus, in fact nicotine is known as a powerful drug against Parkinson’s disease. You can notice the relaxation on the face of smoker or e-juice nicotine vapor after they have had their respective form of nicotine and you can also notice the frustration and lack of focus in a smoker or e-liquid nicotine vapor when he didn’t get to have his due share of nicotine. The fact is that though the effect of nicotine are not very harsh as compared to some other drugs, it did actually have powerful psychological effects if you don’t take the regular dose.

Coming to liquid nicotine that is found in e-liquid nicotine vape juices, this form of nicotine is extracted from tobacco and other nicotine carrying plants. The problem is to keep this extracted form of liquid nicotine in a high quality form and a clean environment. That’s why pro vapers always recommend to have your e-juice purchased from a reputed e-liquid nicotine brand.


Recognizing a Bad Nicotine

Have you ever tastes the peppery taste during vaping? Have you wondered about a peculiar taste that just doesn’t blend in with your e-juice flavor? If you have undergone this experience than the chances are that you have been taking some low quality nicotine.

Nicotine needs to be at 99% purity level to be called off a good quality. This is the recommended purity level of nicotine, which is generally found in all good standard e-juice flavors. However, if you get a harsh flavor that hit your throat than you surely have chosen a sub-standard e-juice.

So, the best practice while choosing a e-juice vape liquid is to go for a reputable and known brand and for all reasons know the ingredients found in your vape juice.

November 22, 2016

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Majority of people are unable to differentiate between qualities of nicotine. For most people, even for most smokers or vapers out there nicotine is simply nicotine […]
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