Pop Corn lungs is a rare lung disease which is typically associated with a chemical found in e-juice “Diacetyl”. Studies linking e-cigarettes to respiratory illness have been gaining traction globally, even though many studies have established the safety of e-cig vape juices over tobacco smoking.

Here we are going to see if you are really prone to respiratory illness due to e-juice vaping?

The hype was created by the study that was conducted by Harvard school of public health and published in Environmental Health Perspectives. The research measures the level of hazardous chemicals found in different e-juice flavoring. Some of the potentially hazardous flavors that they do find in some e-liquid flavors included; acetoin, propionyl and particularly Diacetyl. Diacetyl has been associated with the respiratory illness for quite some time and cause a stir in vaping community after the publishing of research. Long time exposure to diacetyl can lead to a rare lung disease which is known as bronchiolitis obliterans or as we normally known as “Popcorn lungs”.


A Social Media Buzz is born!

The results of the study spread like a wildfire across social media and make it to sensational headlines like, “Vaping can lead you to popcorn lungs”, “E-cigarette vaping not safe to consume” and many more. All these overhyped sensational headlines send some shockwaves into the vaping community to start to question the safety of e-cigarette liquid ejuice.


The Drop scene!

Getting to the nerves of that study we find that the researchers were actually unable to develop any factual link between the respiratory diseases and e-cigarette liquid vaping. Not to forget that study fail to gives a comparative analysis of vaping related health hazards against tobacco smoking. Furthermore, till we are writing this, there haven’t been one case of popcorn lungs reported from vapors (reflecting the low levels of diacetyl).


Breaking the Paranoia

Well, e-juice vaping community have been hit hard by many studies discouraging the practice on the go. However what these studies often miss is a comparative analysis of e-cig vaping with tobacco vaping. Numerous studies have shown the proficiency and safety of e-juice vaping over tobacco smoke, still somehow some researchers do miss this crucial fact.

Here again the point that researcher truly forgot to mention is that diacetyl chemical isn’t found in all e-liquid vape juice flavors, rather it is only found in specific flavors and that too with proper labeling. Getting on with the issue, it is important to note that only some buttery and creamy flavors comprise diacetyl chemical. Even, many e-juice brands are offering labeled products for diacetyl as ingredients. So, if one can choose the right flavor and right amount of chemical which the body can tolerate.

Lastly, if we really do a comparison between the diacetyl levels found in e-cig vape juices with one single tobacco cigarette, we will come to know that the amount of diacetyl one e-cig cartridge which lasts a whole day or long is less or equal to the diacetyl amount found in just one tobacco cigarette. Rest you can calculate yourself.

November 22, 2016

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Pop Corn lungs is a rare lung disease which is typically associated with a chemical found in e-juice “Diacetyl”. Studies linking e-cigarettes to respiratory illness have […]
November 22, 2016

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